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For this week’s Discussion Board, you should read and review the assigned articles on socio-economic class in GRCM for this week as well as those posted on Canvas. (Look at the bottom of the Assignment page.) The task for this week is two-fold:

1) Make a list of at least 10 stereotypes/images that were identified by the authors in the readings about people from lower socio-economic classes and explain where they each came from in the culture. For example, working class people and people at/below the poverty line are often portrayed as not very intelligent. Where did this stereotype come from? How did it develop?

2) Using the stereotypes/images your group listed and identify/describe specific examples of them from TV, movies, social media, music, film, art, photography, etc. What intersections of socio-economic class with race, gender, sexual orientation, abilities, etc. can you find? Who benefits from these specific images being portrayed?

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