We can work on Design of a Domestic Soap Scrap Reuse Device

Brief : Design a hand powered device to combine and compact used soap
scraps into a large single bar.
The device is to be designed to reuse old scraps of soap, combine and squeeze them into new bars. It is thought that some sort of mechanical advantage will be required during the compacting or squeezing operation. So that very hard old scraps of soaps can be compressed , it is required that water is to added somehow during the combining / squeezing operation.
The device is to be designed for domestic use and as such it should be designed as a complete “Product”, something which could, and would be bought in a shop.
Detailed Specification
1) The device, when being operated, shall be able to be wall or table mounted.
2) When not in use, the device shall stow or fold into a 400mm x 150mm square, spacial volume, and have the facility to be hung/ stowed on a wall.
3) The device is to be hand powered alone to compress /compact the soaps.
4) The device shall use water as a means of softening the soap scraps.
5) The device during operation shall be water tight, and have filling and draining facilities.
6) The device shall be designed for ease of cleaning.
7) The device shall be safe to operate, and stow as in 2)
8) The device shall be designed for mass manufacture,100,000 units sold/ year
9) The selling price of the “ Soap Compactor Product” is to be £35 each based on 8)
10) The device is to be designed in accordance with British Standards for Domestic devices.
11) The total mass of the device is to be no greater than 2kg dry (without any water added)
12) The design must cater for right or left handed users.
Marking Scheme:
1) Conceptual Design ( overall design concepts) 20%
2) Detail design ( detail part design, design calcs. ,material choices,) 20%
3) Structural Analysis ( of a single element of your choice , by Catia) 20%
4) Cost Analysis (cost breakdown of designed and Standard parts) 20%
5) Technical Drawings ( 2D Assembly+BOM and 2 part drawings) 20%
Total 100%
Assignment Detail
The device or product shall be conceived from at least 5 concepts of which ONLY one is chosen by a Design Selection Table.
Once a concept has been chosen, you are required to do some design calculations to verify the feasibility of the concept.
Detail design then follows , whereby any structural analysis or other design calculations are performed.
Once the concept has been verified by design calculations, the design should be formally modelled up on any CAD system.
The design is to be realised using any Solid modelling package such as Solid Edge, Catia , SolidWorks Etc.

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