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You are an engineer in a design, build, and operate construction firm. The firm has received four requests for proposals (RFPs) and can only respond to one of these. You have been asked to review the RFP from Washentaw County, Michigan, and write up a three-page executive summary for the marketing team. After reading all of the executive summaries, the marketing team will make a decision about which, if any, of the RFPs to respond to.
The RFP from Washentaw County is located here: https://www.washtenaw.org/DocumentCenter/View/2386/RFP-6857-PDF
Your executive summary should include the following items:
an introduction that includes a detailed overview of the project scope;
identification of the required information to be included into the company response to the RFP;
your concerns about any of the obligations in the RFP;
how any negotiations with Washentaw County could affect the decision (i.e.,What collaborative methods of problem solving could be used to solve the marketing team’s problem of choosing an RPF? How could these methods be applied to this situation?); and
your justified recommendation to respond or to pass on this business opportunity. This should include a description of the leadership and management principles that factored into your decision.

Sample Solution

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