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The DMACC English Department is conducting a district-wide assessment of Composition 1 writing classes. To meet this requirement, you need to include a reflective letter in your electronic portfolio. Format, Length, and Language of the Reflective Letter: Block-letter format. Medium to formal level of formality of language. Two-three pages. Organization of the Letter : 1. Introduction which states the purpose of your letter. 2. Discussion of each of the following course goals, including specifically quoted material from your work . You should have one or two paragraphs of discussion for each goal. See below:
GOAL #1: Generate writing as an active process, using planning, drafting, revising, and editing (Use examples in your essays to illustrate your writing process. Include examples of how you used outlining as a strategy to get started. For example, you wrote proposals before drafting the first and the third essays. Also give examples of how you researched and drafted, how you had responded to peers’ and my feedback in revising.)
GOAL #2: Evaluate strategies and approaches for organizing content (Use examples in organizing details in your essays such as the ways to open an essay, the topical organization vs chronological organization, and establishing a problem and proposing solutions in the third essay.)
GOAL #3: Examine college-level reading skills as an active part of the writing process (Use examples in the class when you responded to discussion questions on the Discussion board to tell how you had located the information needed. Examples may include, but are not limited to, locating a thesis statement in an essay that you had read, identifying topic sentences in an essay, and finding and comparing the support in an argument.)
GOAL #4: Synthesize research resources appropriate to the task and context (Use examples to illustrate how you collect information through primary research (interview/observation), and how you had done your secondary research through your library/online research, Including what specific search engines you had used and how you evaluated the reliability of the sources.)
GOAL #5: Integrate standard college-level documentation practices (Directly quote specific citations from your essays, both in-text citations and those on the lists of references. Explain how these examples demonstrate that you have met this competency. NEVER say “see examples in my third paper.”)
GOAL #6: Adapt to the rules of Standard English grammar appropriate to the context (Use the examples of the worksheets that you had worked on, such as the one for conciseness and level of formality. You may also use the actual examples in your papers to say how you had improved your mastery of English such as word choices, spelling, and mechanics )

  1. Conclusion Summary or highlights of what you have learned in the course

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