We can work on Daoism

Read “Philosophy” in History and Culture, pp. 32-44
Read “Excerpts from Daodejing” and “Excerpts from Zhuangzi”
Video: Daoism
video is on https://hofstra.blackboard.com/ultra/institution-page on the course-ASST-001 and then at the bottom lecture file. here is the question
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  1. Give two reasons why water is a favored symbol of Dao in Daoist philosophy.
  2. What does Laozi mean by “Knowing the masculine, yet abide by the feminine”? Explain it in the historical context of the Warring States period.
  3. Give the numbers of two passages where Laozi discusses the relation between the strong and the weak.
  4. In Zhuangzi what is implied in King Hundun’s (Chaos) death after seven holes are dug on his face?
  5. Why does Zhuangzi criticize the young man of Shouling in the kingdom of Yan who went to Zhao to learn the fashionable way of walking there?

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