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Please view the Unit 7 lecture power point on 3c media solutions link below


Answer the following questions by writing in the submission box. All of the questions are based only on the information discussed in the class lecture, no other resources are needed. Please read each question carefully, all parts of the question need to be answered to get full credit.

Download and review these questions BEFORE listening to the video lectures.

Quiz #7: Photography

1) Give your opinion about the positive and negative impacts photography has had on our lives. Do you agree with those presented in the lecture?

2. List and briefly describe at least three of the major photographic advances mentioned in the lecture and what problems did they solve?

3. Explain the reason Eaweard Muybridge first began his motion photography project, who did he work with, and what was the original reason for pursuing it?

4. Explain the process and setup Muybridge used to take his photographs capturing movement.

5. View the short video link below. Pick an image that had a big impact on you, describe it and explain why you chose that image.The World’s Most Powerful Photographs (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

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