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Chapters 9-12

Also included the last outline from this class and this was the prof. feedback: “Definitely abbreviated, but good short overviews. Don’t forget terms. ;)” 8 out of 15 points was given


This is an optional assignment, due by the end of the day Saturday, before the due date of the exam.

Scores will reflect adherence to the instructions (Links to an external site.) provided and must include an outline of all chapters covered in this section of the class.

Summaries must be in your own words. Definitions, headings, and subheadings do not need to be in your own words. Provided your summaries are paraphrased completely, you will not need to use in-text citations for this assignment.

This should be submitted as a single file, preferably PDF and must be typed (no points if it is hand written).

Requirements: .doc file

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