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Cybersecurity attacks can be costly to resolve and may adversely impact the business’ reputation. In addition, business executives can lose their jobs, as was the case at Sony, Target, and Experian after the cybersecurity breaches. Cyberattacks can involve ransomware that disables computer systems, destruction or modification of company data, public data leaks, disruption of the computing and networking infrastructure, unauthorized use of computing and networking resources, theft of intellectual property and/or confidential data.
A) Based on the business you chose in week 1, select one specific type of attack and describe how that type of cybersecurity attack might impact your business. Consider the cost of lost business, as well as the cost of recovering from the attack, versus the cost of preventive measures.
B) Preventive measures are not just technical, but also involve business measures such as organizational leadership changes, realignment of roles and responsibilities, communication of business priorities, metrics, changes to business processes, training initiatives, partnerships with other companies, cybersecurity audits of the company and/or suppliers, cybersecurity drills, etc. From a business perspective, describe one preventive measure you that you think would have the greatest impact for your business regarding cybersecurity. Be specific about the details of the preventive measure and what part of the organization would be involved in leading and participating in the measure. Would the cybersecurity measure involve any changes in how the company does business? Please explain.

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