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The innovation of credit cards has transformed contemporary commercial and marketing activities. It has significantly facilitated the establishment and successful operations of the multinational corporations both in the United States and the rest of the world. Credit cards were first used at the Diners club having been developed by the then business mogul; Frank McNamara. Since then the use of the credit card as a media of exchange has taken root in most of the American business enterprises (Nesi &Snavely, 9). The online commercial institutions such as Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Flipkart, and Hisense can attribute their multi-billion investment success to this innovation.

The current economic world would not have witnessed such a global transformation in the commerce and marketing world were it not for the credit card innovation which came into existence in 1950. The credit card is now an essential item in the life of most people without which, you cannot be able to access some services (Nesi &Snavely, 15). The credit card has made it easier and efficient to walk with a large sum of money. A person does not need to walk around with $100,000 hard cash because it is bulky and heavy but it is lighter and easier using the card.

The credit card has also facilitated the ease of accessing products online. Consumers use the credit cards to order products from Amazon or Walmart and other chain stores. The credit card has also transformed the banking sector by making it easier to conduct inter-bank transactions and international money transfer services with the use of credit cards (Nesi &Snavely, 17). Organizations such as PayPal have utilized this aspect to transform their multinational business operations.

In conclusion, credit card innovation is still an important aspect in the contemporary world. It has transformed business operation both locally and internationally. It has also enhanced e-commerce and e-marketing because consumers can now pay for orders online without having to walk to stores. It has also made it possible to carry a large sum of money in the pocket.


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