Coping Response

In this assignment, you will analyze your coping response to the stressful situation that you analyzed for your last assignment.

Go through the Taylor chapter on coping and explore how the issues of coping that she discusses apply to your own coping methods. Provide examples to support your responses to each of the following questions:

Do you have elements of a personality style that affects how you cope with stressors, in either positive or negative ways?
Do you tend to be confrontational or avoidant in your coping? In this particular situation, how effective was your coping style?
In the situation you are analyzing, did you use problem-focused coping, emotion-focused coping, or a combination of the two?
What was the impact of external resources (or lack of them) on your ability to cope with the situation?
Did you rely on social support to help you cope with the situation? What “kind” of support was offered? If so, how? Describe how it affected your level of stress.
In retrospect, how do you think you coped with the situation overall? Are there any things that you could done differently to improve the outcome?
When discussing your coping, be sure to refer to material from the text that supports your experience.

Coping Response



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