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Even though it is agreed that UX is originating from usability, no common definition of UX is agreed upon. UX is by the ISO XX standard defined as: “Person’s perceptions and responses resulting from the use and/or anticipated use of a product, system or service” Furthermore, it is noted that: “User Experience includes all the users’ emotions, beliefs, preferences, perceptions, physical and psychological responses, behaviors and accomplishments that occur before, during and after use”. (ISO, 2010) A second note states: “User experience is a consequence of brand image, presentation, functionality, system performance, interactive behaviour and assistive capabilities of the interactive system the user’s internal and physical state resulting from prior experiences, attitudes, skills and personality, and the context of use”. (ISO, 2010) In the User Experience White Paper by Roto et al. (2011) the term user experience is defined as: “An encounter with a system that has a beginning and an end. It refers to an overall designation of how people have experienced (verb) a period of encountering a system”. When dealing with the concept of UX three main factors can be classified: 1. Context: It is of importance to have in mind, that UX may change when the context changes. 2. User: The user is dynamic, hence UX is dynamic. 3. System: The UX properties designed into the product is important. (Roto et al., 2011) A fourth factor to have in mind, when working with UX, is as mentioned in the ISO standard and by the Roto et al. (2011), the time perspective. UX rely on the user’s emotions and attitudes towards e.g. the product, hence UX methods try to access these aspects and have a more qualitative nature. Examples of methods could be contextual inquiries, focus groups, interview, etc. [REF] 1.3.3. USABILITY AND UX IN THIS PROJECT Moczarny et al. (2012) stated that UX and usability can relate to each other in three different perspectives, see Figure 4. Figure 4. Three different perspectives on how usability and UX relate to each other. (Moczarny et al., 2012) The definition of UX in the present work is that UX is a broader, superior area, one might say umbrella, which includes usability, see 1st perspective in Figure 4. This definition is in consistency with how Radiometer works with usability and UX e.g. nurses feel secure (have a good UX) when using the device due to the easiness of use (good usability). 1.3.4. USABILITY AND UX METHODS The number of usability and UX methods is quite high. Ferre et al. (2005) counte>

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