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  1. Describe and compare the managerial behavior of Ben and Phil. To what extent does each manager display specific relations behaviors (supporting, developing, recognizing) and specific task behaviors (clarifying, planning, monitoring)? To what extent does each manager use participative or inspirational leadership?
  2. Compare Ben and Phil in terms of their influence on employee attitudes, short-term per-formance, and long-term plant performance, and explain the reasons for the differences.
  3. If you were selected to be the manager of this plant, what would you do to achieve both high employee satisfaction and performance?

Sample Solution

as an instance, the crowding of campuses inadequacy of lodging, escalation of fees and limited facilities are a number of the issues bothering all stakeholders that want to be explained to their delight. good enough and pleasing explanations to such troubles genuinely require a properly – coordinated device of information carrier transport for which effective public family members is required. three.2.three historic Evolution and improvement of Tertiary academic group in Nigeria. The records of higher training in Nigeria started out with the established order of Yaba better university in 1934, to provide middle-degree manpower for government and private area (Wokocha, 2003).The college came into being simplest after lots of agitations and demands via the countrywide Congress of British West Africa (NCBWA) led with the aid of Casely Hayford, a lawyer from Accra, Ghana, headquarters of the agency ( Aminigo, 2003). by using 1960, the university university, Ibadan which turned into mounted to award academic diploma to university of London, had installed itself as a reputable organization of better gaining knowledge of.it changed into additionally creating a exceptional contribution to manpower wishes of Nigeria (country wide instructors Institute 2005). by using 1962, there had been most effective 3 regions in Nigeria, as a result, each of the areas had a college with the introduction of the Mid- Western region in 1963.The longing for a local higher institution changed into set in motion, and the Mid-Western Institute of generation, which became installed in 1970, later became the college of Benin (Wokocha,2003). inside the yr 2011, the quantity of tertiary establishments in Nigeria rose to 363. 3.2.4 Public relations As a control feature In Tertiary institutions the instructional public family members functions in institutional selection making at faculties and universities has been properly documented in literature (national school Public relations association, 2012; Peyronel and Lawnizak, 2000). in line with Tianping (2003) public members of the family is a simple function of a modern-day faculty’s management and could assist improve the programmes and offerings of an educational organizational (country wide college Public Relation, 2012). The growth of public relations has grow to be very vital in current years( Moore and Kalupa 2007).of their view, Peyronel and Lawniczak(2000) country that senior public family members administration function is to be worried in institutional decision making at colleges and universities. Tianping(2003) in addition shows that public members of the family is a primary feature of a current faculty’s control however Bruning and Ralson(2001) assert that the practice of public family members at most universities has been relegated to a unmarried office worried by and large with handling institutional recognition. Public relations play a very vital position in nearly each educational group. academic public relation officers help students and paintings with mother and father and various groups inside institutions. They distribute e-newsletter containing records about campus occasions, build and maintain ties with alumni, lecturers, group of workers and college students. according to countrywide college Public relations affiliation (2012) academic public members of the family is a deliberate and systematic management feature to help improve the programmes and offerings of an educational enterprise. This suggests that sports of educational public members of the family are a – way affairs related to communique among the institution and its publics.>

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