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GER Assessment elements reviewed:
1. All identifying information regarding the pieces included in the concert. Such as: Context of the concert presentation – where, when, who played or sang, works performed, etc.
2. Identify the music you heard by composer and title and speak to details presented in the music to include terms, concepts, and historical context as discussed in class.
3. Discuss the presentation of the music to include performance details such as arrangement of the performers, ensemble makeup, presence of conductor or not, or the overall impact of the performance; did they play (or sing) well or badly, did they use distracting mannerisms, did they handle themselves well on stage, etc. 4. Which piece did you like the most, and the least, and why? Identify contrasting in the work or performance that may have contributed or detracted from your enjoyment. What, if anything, did this music mean to you and tell your opinion of it. If there are many different works on the program, discuss a few that struck you the most, making it clear to me that you attended the whole concert.

you should listen to these two videos and write a review.

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