We can work on complications in fixed partial dentures

complications in fixed partial dentures
Dear students:
– As per the decision of the Dental research and graduate studies Center, you should do clinical and any other types of researches including surveys.

– Should the students decide to do a survey it is mandatory to follow the below criteria and guidelines to ensure the research will be accepted.

– The survey proposal must:
Ø Look into a priority health problem affecting people’s health worldwide or in Saudi Arabia.

Ø Be based on an interesting and novel idea that adds something new to the existing knowledge.

Ø Follow an analytical design rather than a purely descriptive one.

In addition, it is important to ascertain that:

· Sample size is adequate to ensure a reasonable statistical power of the study and the response rate is 80% or higher.

· Sample is selected at random and is representative of the study population.

· Inclusion and exclusion criteria are clearly defined.

· Research instruments (questions, clinical indices, equipment) used, are valid and reliable (pilot tested).

· Outcome variables match the study objectives.

· Diagnostic criteria are clearly defined and interpreted.

· Observers and recorders are trained and calibrated, and Intra- and inter-examiner reliability is estimated.

· The methods and procedures are performed in a standardized manner (Instruments and examining conditions are the same for all observers throughout the study, and equipment and materials are used as prescribed).

Finally, please note that the deadline for submission of your proposal is the first of February 2018.


Also, please use the attached form to write your proposal.


Survey is needed

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