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Federal Acquisition Review (FAR) Part 15 – Contracting by Negotiation states, “Exchanges of information among all interested parties, from the earliest identification of a requirement through receipt of proposals, are encouraged (1).” When planning a competitive solicitation, the agency must provide needed information in order to develop a thorough request that takes into account the agency’s objectives for quality, schedule, and costs.
Imagine that you are a contracts officer for the IRS, and your supervisor has tasked you with the procurement of a new software system for processing tax returns.
Write a 2–3 page paper in which you:
1.Analyze the proposal adequacy checklist for organizing a proposal, and summarize the intrinsic value of two of the suggestions on the checklist. Prepare and articulate an argument in support of your position.
2.Debate whether or not the offeree should let an offeror’s mistake within a proposal go uncorrected, even if such action would cause the offeror to withstand a loss.
3.Suggest one judicial remedy available to the offeror to prevent his or her loss. Provide an argument in support of your position.
4.Use three sources to support your writing. Choose sources that are credible, relevant, and appropriate. Cite each source listed on your source page at least one time within your assignment. For help with research, writing, and citation, access the library or review library guides

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Hypothetical FRAMEWORK OF MEDIA AND POLITICS The connection among media and legislative issues can be considered as one of the most far from being obviously true theme in political theory writing. In this investigation, this relationship will be secured under a few models and ways to deal with depict the relationship in different parts of understandings. In any case, the job of media in legislative issues will be examined and showed with the assistance of writing survey of media and governmental issues. Along these lines, the establishment will be all set further exchange with respect to media and legislative issues relationship. General understandings of models will give a ground to place them in a different manner, in international strategy. Significant suppositions of models will be analyzed in the international strategy part. To watch the job of media all the more explicitly, Turkey will be the situation in following part. The verifiable improvement of Turkish press, world of politics of Turkey and its consequences for media, additionally the impact of media on Turkish world of politics will be talked about. This investigation will comprise the hypothetical structure of media and governmental issues. Job OF MEDIA IN POLITICS The connection among media and legislative issues has consistently been one of the basic regions of discourse. The need of political entertainers for open help and the media’s longing to impact society have made the media a significant and imperative power for rulers. The expression “media” has been gotten from the Latin word “medi” which signifies “in the center.” In this regard, media can be considered as the middle person between two parts of the general public. Media is utilized as a general idea yet additionally as a structure communicating broad communications. “The “mass” character of the broad communications is gotten from the way that the media channel correspondence is a huge and separated crowd utilizing moderately trend setting innovation. Syntactically and strategically, the broad communications are plural. Various messages might be put out by the “communicate” media (TV and radio) and the “printed” media (papers and magazines)” (Heywood, 2007: 232). The strategic the broad communications is to convey and offer data to people, gatherings, networks and masses in composed, visual and intuitive way. Heywood likewise underlines the mass job of the media through new technologic advancements and web specifically (Heywood, 2007: 231-237). Media is the briefest and best approach to impact society. Each people group that needs to coordinate the elements of society finds the media. Political entertainers comprise one of these networks. Immediate or circuitous power relations are seen around there. Governments regularly tend to identify with the media. Political on-screen characters might be found in some legitimate or illicit practices for the press. The individuals who hold the intensity of media can likewise utilize media associations for these reasons so as to profit by their boundless chances. “In tyrant governments, the nature of news and the media is painstakingly controlled by the administration” (Orum and Dale, 2009: 273). As in the China model, governments can control the broad communications so as to continue their political security (Orum and Dale: 2009). Media, in each phase of social and political continuation, look for a channel to accomplish the thoughts and assessments of people. The correspondence between the people makes the concrete and structure of what we have called “legislative issues”. In this regard, the broad communications make the channel for this correspondence, yet in addition partake and influence the political procedure (Heywood, 2007: 231-232). “Guard dog” job of broad communications as, as it were, is a subset of the political discussion contention. The job of the media, from this point of view, is to guarantee that open responsibility happens, by examining the exercises of government and uncovering maltreatment of intensity. The broad communications advances vote based system by augmenting the appropriation of intensity and impact in the public eye” (Heywood, 2007: 236). The significance of the media for society is a since quite a while ago acknowledged reality. With the creation of the print machine in the fifteenth century, the job of pieces of literature in the scattering of new logical, political and strict thoughts has just because prompted a comprehension of the significance of correspondence approaches (Arslan, 2007; Bekci, 2013: 4). Particularly in the nineteenth and twentieth hundreds of years, papers have become significant apparatuses for exchange and industry just as for ideological groups and governments. (Cuilenburg, 2010: 101; Bekci, 2013: 4). “Toward the start of twentieth century, the impact of the media on international strategy kept on expanding with the creation of the radio” (Bekci, 2013: 4). “The news media assumed a functioning job in numerous occasions in the 21st century. The dynamic job of Pravada Newspaper in the association and battle of laborers in the Bolshevik upset is communicated by numerous scientists. The United States has utilized the media successfully when it engendered its authenticity in the wars it encountered. In World War II, Adolf Hitler built up the “Service of Propaganda” so as to canalize society into war and legitimize its strategies and utilized the media in a solid manner” (Temel, 2014: 7). It tends to be said that the media having missions, for example, sorting out the data streams of the social orders, going about as an extension between the approach creators and the individuals, transmitting the political improvements, teaching the general public and bringing issues to light have a significant spot in public activity (Karadoğan, 1996: 54; Bekci, 2013: 7). It has been resolved that the media, which were some of the time characterized as the “fourth power”, assume a key job in majority rules systems, and that people increment their attention to one another and their environment (Haas, 2009: 77; Bekci, 2013: 6). In any territory of movement in the public eye, the connection between governmental issues, for instance, workmanship, pressure gatherings, worker’s organizations, etc, isn’t as perplexing as the connection among media and legislative issues (Arslan, 2007: 51; Özdemir, 2013: 61). A few sources contend that the differentiation among media and legislative issues in parliamentary popular governments is totally not feasible (Alver, 1998: 39; Bekci, 2013: 7). This circumstance likewise uncovers the idea of “mediocracy” which has been utilized frequently as of late (Alver, 1998: 39; Bekci, 2013: 7). This idea, which underscores that there is no fringe between the political framework and the media, additionally features the extraordinary connection between political entertainers and media on-screen characters (writers, journalists, and so forth.) in majority rules systems (Alver, 1998: 47; Bekci, 2013: 7). The people giving the media and media distributions are legitimately identified with legislative issues and government officials (Bayram, 2011: 69; Bekci, 2013: 8). In this connection, Kırlı underscores media’s job of age of general assessment of society (Kırlı, 2004: 20-25). “Instruments that help to decide the popular conclusion, help to frame and build up people in general simultaneously. The media affects the arrangement and course of popular sentiment through the elucidation and assessment of occasions” (Kapani, 1970: 241; Kırlı, 2004: 21). Some of researchers have focused on the power relations between the media and political entertainers. “While the media put pressure on other power on-screen characters, they can submit to the weights of these entertainers simultaneously. “Assembling Consent” and “CNN Effect” are driving speculations clarifying the unpredictable connection among media and other power frameworks” (Temel, 2014: 8). In addition, Agenda-Setting Model attempts to clarify the connection between the media, people in general and the political motivation and how these plans influence one another (Terkan, 2003: 564; Bekci, 2013: 21). Assembling CONSENT-PROPAGANDA MODEL Walter Lippman, an American writer, first utilized the idea of “Assembling Consent” in his book “Popular Opinion” distributed in 1922 (Chomsky, 2013; Temel, 2014: 8). In Chomsky and Herman’s book “Assembling Consent” (1994), the idea is clarified by the way that the state helps out the cash-flow to cause it to show up as though it fits the requirements of the general public that would not advantageous for them. In the industrialist majority rule governments, individuals are controlled in delicate power and utilized their democratic rights as indicated by wishes and wants of the world class minority. As per them, it is conceivable through an aggregate awareness control to guarantee that individuals get to the “thing” they don’t need and that they will agree to circumstances that the network won’t acknowledge under typical conditions. (Chomsky, 2013; Temel, 2014: 8). As per the two journalists, the media “serve the interests of incredible social gatherings that review and fund it” and “make promulgation for these gatherings” (Chomsky and Herman 2006: 16; Temel, 2014: 8). “Noam Chomsky and Ed Herman, in Manufacturing Consent, distinguished five “channels” through which news and political inclusion are mutilated by the structures themselves. These channels are as per the following: The business premiums of proprietor organizations, an affectability to the perspectives and worries of publicists and patrons, the sourcing of news and data from “specialists of intensity, for example, governments and business-sponsored think-tanks, “Fire” or weight applied to columnists including dangers of lawful activity, an unquestioning faith in the advantages of market rivalry and shopper free enterprise” (Heywood, 2007: 233-234). “State and capital proprietors move huge assets to the media segment. This asset will prompt news sources, either standard or “motivation setters”. As indicated by Chomsky and Herman, this circumstance causes that the media lose its polyphony and move itself away from the open reporting” (Temel, 2014: 9). Chomsky and Herman expect that the data required for orderly and forceful purposeful publicity by government and worldwide organization>

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