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  • This assignment requires you to apply information from the text about the two “routes” of persuasion (central route and peripheral route). You are to locate two political campaign advertisements, each using a different route of persuasion. The advertisements must be available online, and you must provide the URL for the political ads you reviewed. For EACH advertisement: 1) describe the political campaign advertisement (three to four sentences); 2) explain whether the central or peripheral route was used, and give specific examples from the political ad that illustrate the use of these persuasion strategies; 3) identify the factors that make this an effective or ineffective method for persuading voters; and 4) indicate whether this political advertisement will produce temporary or long-lasting attitude change (explain your answer). Finally, explain the benefits of using both routes of persuasion for political candidates. (approximately 2 pages, APA format, typed and double spaced) references on the last page (not included in the 2 pages)

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