We can work on Collectivist cultural orientation act as a protective factor against the negative impact

Does the collectivist cultural orientation act as a protective factor against the negative impact the social distancing measures have on perceived levels of depression and stress?

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wife, ‘We’re not Christians’ (Page 137, 146, IoM). He’s an immigrant, yet, trying to keep his culture etched deep within him. Twinkle, in her habits, is more American than Indian. The cultural alienation and differences are clearly pictured through these close living beings. Sanjeev’s character evidences that an immigrant’s experience in a foreign land is often painful. Twinkle’s affinity towards western accessories disturbs Sanjeev to the core. Sanjeev rethinks the circumstances of his marriage and understands that he’d have preferred a more traditional wife. He has a negative definition of love, i.e. he knows only what love is not supposed to be. The story deals with the early phase of marriage when the partners are emotionally attached to each other. Conclusion: Turning inclusive is often seen as a natural process wherein a human being will make an effort to adapt and learn from ongoing situations and circumstances. One can inarguably tell that Jhumpa Lahiri has successfully brought out the ‘maladies’ of the immigrants, who find one culture in their households and the other, completely opposite, once they cross their front doors. The characters of “Interpreter of Maladies,” represent two different worlds, connected with multiple cultures and are struggling to keep their identity as a self in a completely alien land. The stories included in this collection talk about the cultural hybridity and show the struggle of immigrant Indians. The characters seem to be torn from within and lack viable means of articulation of their alienation. Their loneliness in a foreign land is also brought out. It’s clearly evident through the characters that the cultural differences make immigrants feel isolated and marginalised. Cultural hybridity is shown as a way to win over the maladies faced by immigrants. It’s more of a psychological strategy. Ample examples of cultural translations are given through these stories.>

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