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Cluster Diagram, Outline, and Memo




Imagine! A fabulous job opportunity came about. Its application process requires the submission of a well-written letter, which reviews both; (1) position interest and, (2) personal characteristics (only).




To make sure the letter sent is appropriate, and includes audience directed information, it’s best to seek assistance. Contact XXX Director, AA College Career Center, by way of a memo. Within this memo, explain the position opportunity, and the audience who will review this letter. Ask that Jane shares her letter expertise, because it’s really needed! Her feedback helps guarantee a posible job interview. For Jane’s critique, the memo includes a list of the required personal characteristics (3-6, with support/examples).  Memo’s end has a request for a future, letter editing session.




Memo, follow the steps below:




Create a cluster diagram which organizes:


Position opportunity


Audience of review


Position interest


Assistance request


Personal characteristics


Appointment request


Turn your cluster diagram into an outline which includes memo format(s).


With the outline as a guide, draft the memo to XXX


Check its readability and note the score at document’s end.


Include a personal letterhead.

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