We can work on Clostridium difficile

For your methodology section,  address the following:
 Describe the population affected by the public health issue and the location of the population.
 What is the sample size you will need to answer your research question? Include the formula to be used for the sample size calculation.
 Explain your rationale for the study sample selection. What type of sample is it? (Snowball, systematic, random, convenience, etc.?)
 What type of study will you conduct? Examples include case-control, cross-sectional, grounded theory, quasi-experimental, etc.
 Study logistics: Where is the location of your study? What is the timeline for your study? What are the projected costs associated with the study?
 Consider and describe the ethical implications of this study. In this section you will want to thoughtfully and thoroughly describe any known or potential issue that may have ethical implications.
 Explain how you will address ethical issues.
For your data analysis section, please submit a detailed outline describing your proposed data analyses process. The process must be specific to the research design you have chosen and demonstrate a direct link to answering the research question. Be sure to address the following:
 What methods will you use to collect the data? (If instruments such as surveys, interviews, focus groups, or similar tools will be used to collect data, indicate if it is an existing instrument or a new one.)
 Assess and confirm that the data collection methods are appropriate for the research design.
 What approaches will you use to analyze the data? For quantitative study designs, indicate the statistics you will employ, such as frequencies or logistic or linear regression analyses, etc., to answer your research question(s). For qualitative research designs, describe the way you will present the data to answer your research question(s).
Research question=To what degree of effectiveness is patient transfer communication in halting the transmission of C diff?

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