We can work on Cloaked websites are used for a variety of reasons

Cloaked websites are used for a variety of reasons. Using only the content from Weeks/Modules 4 and 5, argue points around all the following questions:
What are the main differences between cloaked websites and cloaked Facebook pages? State and fully explain the differences.
What are the four indicators of a cloaked social networking identity? Use the study on fake Islamist propaganda to thoroughly develop your points.
Can cloaked websites [and cloaked social networking] be positive? Use the interview with Andy B. of The Yes Men here.
Define all the terms that you use and develop your arguments as thoroughly as possible. Use your own words whenever possible. You are permitted to bring examples from outside of the class, but remember that you are being marked on your ability to articulate arguments around the course material. Examples are specific cases to prove your argument.

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Criticisms include that it will promote patriarchy as almost whole responsibility of child caring are on the mother’s as per this amendment. Government has not announced any leave for fathers. Many private firms may avoid giving jobs to such women who may enter into pregnancy period as then they have to give them paid maternity leave up to 26 weeks. The law will benefit only a small percentage of women who are working in organised sector ignoring the majority who work in the unorganised sectors like farmers, contract labourers etc. Case Laws Air India v. Nergesh Meerza Facts The terms and conditions of retirement and termination of services for air hostesses and male pursers were different and discriminatory, under the rules of the Air India Corporation Act (AIC) and Indian Airlines Corporation Act (IAC). This was in spite of performing the same duties and being part of the same cabin crew. An air hostess under IAC had to retire from service on: attaining the age of 35 years, or marriage, if it took place within 4 years of service, or first pregnancy The issue examined in this case was whether this amounted to violation of the Constitution – Article 14 (right to equality), Article 15 and 16 (no discrimination on basis of gender). Judgment On the first condition of age, the Court held that the age of retirement was to be decided by the management after taking into account various factors such as nature of work, prevailing conditions, etc. However, the court struck down regulation 47 of the IAC, under which the Managing Director (MD) had discretionary powers to grant yearly extension to the air hostesses till the age of 45. This regulation was struck down as such discretionary power could result in similarly placed air hostesses being treated differently by the MD. Therefore, till the management amended this provision, all air hostesses would retire at the age of 45 years and the MD would have to grant yearly extensions to them, as long as they were medically fit. The second condition was held by the Court to be constitutionally valid. It did not find any issues w>

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