We can work on Clinical Field Experience D: Curriculum Action Plan

A curriculum plan is a living document that supports not only the learning standards, but also the mission and vision of the school. Curriculum should address the needs of all students, incorporate state content standards, and be culturally inclusive. As a school leader, assessing, evaluating, and revising curriculum against these and other criteria is an ongoing process that fosters continuous school improvement.

Allocate at least 3 hours of your clinical field experience hours to complete the summary portion of the assignment.

Review a yearlong district or school curriculum map (i.e., scope and sequence) currently being implemented at a school or site of your choice. Analyze the curriculum at the school or site by surveying a group of teachers who teach in the same area (e.g., grade level or content area). You may choose the method to survey the teachers.

In your survey, ask the teachers where they feel there are holes in the curriculum they are given to implement and what they do to fill those holes.

Collaborate with your principal mentor to review the curriculum map.

Analyze the map and its implementation by considering the following:

How does the map differentiate to support the individualized needs of students (e.g., cultural considerations, accommodations)?
How does the map incorporate the use of improving differentiated instructional strategies, curriculum materials, and instructional technology or interactive technology to maximize high-quality instruction?
What are the strengths that are supported by evidence-centered research?
What are the gaps in the curriculum?
Which instructional resources, including a textbook, are chosen to support the curriculum?
How does the map reflect the school’s vision and mission?
What areas can be identified for needed refinement?
Use any remaining field experience hours to observe and/or assist the principal mentor.

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