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This is a class question that needs to be answer with at least 175 words. I would like it explain in your own words, but if not please cite-in-text with reference. No Plagiarism Improvements in technology not only increase the productivity, it also increase the efficiency; by efficiency we mean the lower cost of production. We have experienced a massive expansion in technology over the last two decades. This growth impacted every sector of the economy, especially the health care and the computer industry. Internet is a result of technological advances in the computer industry which seriously impacted on newspapers and magazines. For example, the Washington Post now makes most of the money from its tutoring business Kaplan Higher Education subsidiary. It all depend on consumer income, preferences and of course utility. I personally like printed newspapers and magazines, I also like to flip over advertisements as well; I am from the older generation but the new generation like to read everything from their laptop or notebook or from the tablets.Any thoughts or comments? How does technology improvements affect market outcome and the labor indifferent market structures?

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