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Instructions:I WILL SEND OVER OR ATTACH THE BOOK TO YOU. Scroll to Chapter 8 of your GRST online textbook (found in the Reading & Study folder) and complete Practice 8.3 and 8.4 to help you learn correct citation. The best way to learn to do citation is to practice. In this worksheet, you will make a brief citation reference sheet for yourself, which you will use as you write your final paper and any future papers at Liberty University Online. The worksheet you make here will not be exhaustive. Rather, it is designed as a quick reference guide.

Assignment Goal: Practice formatting citations and various parts of your paper (title page, abstract, etc.) by creating a personal reference guide for yourself for your future papers. Post your worksheet on Blackboard.

Practice 8.3: Using books or articles you find at Liberty University (or sources you have in your possession), write a citation in an appropriate format (MLA if you’re in English; APA if you’re in counseling, etc.) for each of the following types of references.
• A book written by a single author
• An article in an edited book
• An article in a print-format journal
• An article downloaded from Liberty University’s databases
• A web page
• An electronic book
• A reference work (dictionary, concordance, etc.)
• A book with multiple editions
• A common genre of writing in your discipline (e.g., a book review in English or History, a case study in counseling, a scientific study in nursing, a legal brief, etc.)
Practice 8.4: Find out what your field of study’s formatting guidelines want you to do with each of the following (or if they are even necessary).”we use the turabian format in seminary school at liberty” Note your answer briefly.
• Title pages
• Abstracts
• Tables of contents
• Appendices
• Page numbers
• In-text citations or footnotes
• Works Cited or Bibliography or References
• Long quotations
• Margins, font, and spacing

Overview: Create a personal reference guide for yourself for your future papers at Liberty University Online

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