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Christian Management Communication

To help you prepare to write your own blog, research the following and type up your answers in a concise 1-2 page response.  Type out the question before answering it, or include the text of the question in your answer.  All papers should follow APA formatting.  
    8.12   Evaluation of a Professional Blog (LO8.3, LO8.4)
Choose a professional blog of interest to you. Read a minimum of ten posts. Then, in one to two pages, respond to the following questions:
A.What is the name and web address of the blog?
B.What is the target audience for this blog?
C.How does the content meet the needs of readers?
D.Why would the target audience choose this blog over other similar blogs?
E.How does the blog author(s) establish credibility?
F.What type of online reputation does the blog author(s) create?
G.What design features make the blog effective?
H.What three aspects of this blog will you apply most to your blog?
 8.13 Evaluation of the Tweets of Business Leaders (LO8.3, LO8.4, LO8.5).
View the recent tweets of two or three business leaders (you might consider looking for accounts of business leaders you’re interested in; or, you could find lists of business leaders’ accounts such as the following: www.huffingtonpost.com/vala-afshar/the-top-50-social-chief-e_b_3380055.html). Then, write a short report about your observations of these business leaders’ tweets. Include the following in your short report:
A.Comparisons between the tweets of your chosen business leaders in terms of the following: (1) style and content of tweets, (2) frequency of tweets, and (3) goals of tweets.
B.Three tips for business leaders when they create tweets.

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