We can work on Choose a condition from the Australian national notifiable diseases register –

Choose a condition from the Australian national notifiable diseases register – http://www.health.gov.au/internet/main/drafting.nsf/Content/cda-surveil-nndss-casedefs-distype.htm. This could be a bloodborne disease, gastro disease, STI, vaccine preventable disease, etc. Make sure the condition is not too rare or too complicated because the information will be limited.
Explore the available information, including current research of the chosen condition. In your report, include the following (some items may not be relevant to your chosen condition):
Describe the condition: the body systems it involves, basic anatomy and physiology, is it a social condition, etc. Any co-morbidities? What are the key scientific questions? Is it a pandemic, epidemic, nuisance..?
What are the demographic characteristics of the condition? Age, gender, race, ethnicity, location, etc. You may comment on international statistics, age-related demographics, sex- and race-related demographics, how many people not accessing treatment, etc.
What type of research has been used to study the disease – basic research, clinical research, epidemiology, secondary research? Comment briefly on each type used – purpose and results.
What is the incidence, prevalence, morbidity, and mortality of the condition? Report statistics on this condition. Is it on the increase or decrease?
What is the mode of transmission?
What is the diagnosis and management?
What is the prognosis and life expectancy of the condition?
What treatments have been developed and what is their effectiveness? What preventive strategies are available?
What agencies are involved in this condition and what is their role? Are there any government agencies involved?
What is happening locally regarding this condition?
You may want to attach relevant graphs or tables in the Appendices.
Brief summary of what you have found
In-text citations and list of relevant references in proper referencing style
Please make sure that the presented information is written and not copied from books or internet.
It is advisable that you start working on this assignment soon because searching the relevant information will be time consuming.
Assignment 3 Marking Criteria:
Description and the management of the condition (10%)
Quality of answers to given questions (15%)
Summary (5%)
References and the use of references (10%).

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