We can work on Choke or How the Body Knows it Mind

Writing a critical analyses (5-7 double spaced pages) of a popular press applied sport psychology book: Choke or How the Body Knows it Mind by Sian Beilock (interesting books)
In writing a critical analysis, your goal will be to summarize key ideas you gleaned from the book. You will then discuss how the book is similar/dissimilar to issues we’ve discussed in class and insights/reflections you gained from the book.
Here are a few ideas to get you started in the writing process.
Identify and summarize the key themes you have identified from the book that you will use to frame (guide) the rest of your paper. Please note that you will not summarize all of the content—rather identify a few key themes that will be the focus of your paper. Here are a few ideas to get you started in the writing process.
What you have learned about sport psychology, leadership, or the pursuit of excellence from the book?
How do the themes you’ve gained from the book compared to what we’ve discussed in lecture and from the readings?
Were there any points in the book that you agree/disagree with based on your experiences and what we’ve discussed in class?
Looking back: What insights you did you gain from this book regarding your own life and sport experiences.
Looking forward: Describe how the content connects to your life and career goals. What have you learned that you could use as an athlete, student, career, or personal life in the future?

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