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You are the teacher who is delegated to greet children at the door every morning. There is one little boy, new to school, who always begins to whimper as he arrives. Usually the child is dropped off by his father, who tries to cheer him up, but you can tell is getting frustrated. On the fifth morning, the father gives him a smack on the bottom as he drops him off, telling him firmly, “Little boys don’t cry!”

Answer these questions:

  • What emotions might the child be experiencing at this moment?
  • What emotions might the father be experiencing?
  • What will you say to the child?
  • What will you say to the father and when?
  • How might this scenario have been avoided?

This assignment supports course learning outcomes 1 & 2 and student learning objectives 1, 2, & 7


Create a Discovery Center

One of my favorite areas in my classroom was my Discovery Center/Table (read pages 290-291 9th edition or pages 312-313 10th edition). When I taught preschool, I worked hard at changing this area often with new material to compliment the weekly or monthly theme. I would give a lot of thought to the aesthetics of this area and to including books and other forms of literature to supplement the hands-on material that was provided.

POST: For this post, I would like you to create a unique and engaging Discovery Center. Start your post by giving us a name for your Discovery Center. Then give us a detailed list of the items you would place on your Discovery Table that the children could actively explore or manipulate. Describe how you would organize and arrange the materials/equipment so that the children would be drawn to this center to explore and discover. Be sure to include natural or found material as one thing an early childhood teacher must be good at is “scrounging” materials! Be sure to share important concepts from the textbook or the article in this post.

This assignment supports course learning outcome 2 and student learning objectives 3, 4, & 8.

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