We can work on Change management and its impact on improving quality

Change management impacts quality because it helps establish support systems to assist the frontline nurses, administrators and other stakeholders in the execution of their roles. Theory such as Lewin’s providing a guide for the implementation of the changes especially in dealing with the human aspect. When implementing the change, the organization should exhibit participative leadership by giving the stakeholders an opportunity to contribute their idea, which is ideal for effective evidence based learning (Hart et al 2015).

A good example of theory that can be used in implementing change in the medical institution is the Lewin’s Change Management Theory. The Lewin’s theory focuses on understanding the human behaviors in a given setting, thus an important theory for addressing the human factor in implementing the desired change. The main aspect of the theory is to address all the issues that may prevent change from successful implementation of the change in the organization. According to Kotter & Cohen (2002), when the organization is able to identify the behavior drive that are likely to oppose the intended change, it gains the ability work on…….

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