We can work on “Center of Mass” and “Particle Flow Rate”

①Follow the following link:
Select “Diffusion”. It is recommended to click in “Center of Mass” and “Particle Flow Rate”
to make it easier to see what’s going on.
Start with 30 blue and 30 red molecules. Select “remove divider” and describe what
happens, and why.

  1. Reset and change the atomic mass of the blue molecules to 4 (corresponding to He). Let them
    red remain at 28 (corresponding to N2). Select “remove divider” and describe what
    happens and how this differs from step 1, and why.
  2. Reset and leave both atomic masses 28. Select 60 blue and 60 red and “remove
    divider ”. Compare with previous results and explain what is happening and why.
  3. Reset and select 30 blue and 30 red. Change the temperature to 500 K. Compared
    the results with previous and explain any differences and similarities.

②Follow the following link:
Select Energy and make sure that both “Speed” and “Kinetic energy” are visible.
Release 100 light molecules and observe their behavior.

  1. Reset. Release 50 light and 50 heavy molecules. Describe how their
    communication speeds and kinetic energies, and any differences
    point 1. Raise the temperature and explain what is happening.
  2. Reset. Release 50 light molecules and raise the temperature to the same pressure as in
    point 1 was obtained. Do the gas molecules behave ideally?
  3. Reset. Release 50 heavy gas molecules and compare the pressure with that in point 3. Raise
    then the temperature until the same pressure as in point 1 is obtained. The gas molecules behave
    ideal? What changes when we change the size (molecular mass) of
    gas molecules?

③Follow the following link:
Select “Rigid Hollow Sphere” and set gravity to 0 (in this size the gravitational force is
Let 50 light molecules into the chamber

  1. Explain why small particles (such as smoke particles) move randomly in air
  2. Increase and decrease the temperature
  3. Explain how the random movements of small particles are affected by temperature and

Sample Solution

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