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After completing all of the assigned unit readings (see Blackboard), you will write a 1100 1300 word essay (about 4 5 pages) that addresses the following question: What were the causes of the McDuffie riot that occurred in Miami in 1980? In your analysis, you should consider both primary and underlying causes. Your essay must incorporate a minimum of three sources, and a minimum of two of these sources need to be chapters from Miami Now! or the book Black Miami in the Twentieth Century. Additionally, your essay must be organized around a clear and concise thesis statement, present your ideas in well-structured body paragraphs, incorporate strong support to help you develop your main points, employ a logical organizational structure, and use MLA in-text citations and a properly formatted MLA works cited page. Finally, your essay will avoid the use of first- and second-person pronouns. (Note: Although part of the paper, the works cited page is not included in the total word count for the paper. For example, if a document contains 1100 words but that includes the works cited page, the essay is not 1100 words long.)

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