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The goal of this case discussion forum is to demonstrate that you can apply the concepts and techniques learned from the video lecture and assigned readings to a concrete business situation.

When analyzing a business case, what matters the most here is to articulate your thought process: you are gradually developing your critical thinking abilities by formulating a conclusion and recommendation backed up by relevant information you picked out, and an analysis you conducted (possibly using a relevant analytical technique).

Note 1: There is a grading rubric for this assignment. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the rubric in order to make sure that your submission meets all expectations.

instructions : ( answer 3 questions )

Fitbit Case (Part B)
Questions to answer in your initial post include:

1.What are the most important elements of Fitbits competitive strategy?

2.Analyze the companys financial performance at the beginning of 2017. Do trends suggest that Fitbits strategy is working?

3.Identify the three most important strategic issues facing the company. What recommendations would you make to Fitbit management to address these issues?
(Please note a typo in the case’s first page: “The company sold only 2,956 devices in the first quarter of 2017 compared to 4,842 during the first quarter of 2016.” These figures are in thousands, i.e. 2.956,000 devices = 2.956 million devices sold in Q1 of 2017)

Question 2 requires you to conduct a financial ratio analysis: see the video lecture (Link will open in new tab.) and pages 70-72 in the textbook. You must include a Table of multi-year financial ratios and interpret them. Websites like marketwatch.com (Links to an external site.) can help you retrieve the data and ratios you need and investing.com (Links to an external site.) offers industry averages for the sake of comparison. To keep the Table formatting intact when submitting your answers, you should post your write-up as a Word .doc file (or you could post it as text + attach a screenshot of the table as a picture, either way is fine).

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