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Hi, I am needing help with a APA response with (references)of at least 600+ words with the information below included from text as one of the sources please.

Once a complaint of unethical behavior is brought against an APA member and the appropriate committee has decided that the conduct in question was in fact unethical, the question of punishment must be decided. The most severe APA sanction is to dismiss the offender from the association and to inform the membership of this action. Unethical conduct can also cause psychologists to have their professional licenses taken away by the board of psychology in the state where they practice. Other actions can include censure, censure with probation, or a decision that no cause for action is warranted (Geoggrey P. Kramer, 2013).

Geoggrey P. Kramer, D. A. (2013). Introduction to Clinical Psychology. Pearson.

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