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Husayn as the central focus of the narrative has clearly defined the battlefield as a male space and discourage of female of being manipulating this space. Female were expected to be merely spiritual inspiring and morally supportive to the male participants and at the same time as symbol of the next Shiite generation. Their appearance in the narrative was supposed to be channels to represent commemoration and devotion to the Imams. The performance of Muharram ritual at the Maidan is by means of recalling and reminding the tragedy of Iran Husayn and his comrades as one of the greatest event in Safavid Persia. By restrictedly following the distinct gender roles in the Karbala narrative, many of the the rituals aiming at reappearing the dreadful event at Karbala became authorised. Muharram rituals provided a rare opportunity for the gathering of both sexes in a society practising sexual discrimination and segregation. Public ceremonials made its passage directly to real life. women mourning towards their injured loved ones not only reinforced the ideal role of women in the Karbala paradigm, but also affirmed the socially expectations of women in ordinary life. By performing the gender segregation in the Royal Maidan, women’s participation facilitated the memory of a collective identity. In terms of physical limitations, gender segregation in this instance provided the chance for ‘martyrs’ as a whole group being available of committing themselves into the extremely violent and intensive performance that women would not. ‘Mourners’ therefore are able to express the enormous sorrow and grief to create a tremendous experience that can only be achieved through collective forces. The tragic atmosphere of the performance was to be evoked and addressed by women. Gender segregation in the ceremonies allowed a greater impact on the roles each gender performed in the public space. the stereotype of the opposite sexes would be further reinforced. The tradition of women performing mourner can be revealed in Firdawsi’s the Bier of Iskandar [Fig, 2] in the Great Mongol Shahnameh as well. This image illustrated the intense grief at the death of Iskandar of his troops, his mother, his wife as well as his nobles.[10] Observed by the regular composition of furniture and physical settings, the>

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