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Find 4 peer reviewed academic journal articles on the topic Business Communication Failures using only the APU library database. Select journals with a business focus (do not use Harvard Business Review as it is not peer reviewed or nursing or other non-business journals).  Create 4 citations in APA from your selected 4 journal articles to place in your “References” section.  List in your reference section under References the journal you will be using, followed by a sub-heading titled journals not used in this paper where you will list the other 3 journals (APA).

Example of format and headings for this paper: Research_assignment_APA_formatting_example_(3).pdf

Write a 1-2 page paper (the body of your paper should not exceed 2 pages – Reference section can be on page 3) APA (double spaced, 1 inch margins) using only one of your selected journal articles.  Include an introduction, summary of the article (include author’s key points) evaluation, and conclusion.

The writing level expectation is APA style graduate level writing academic style writing that demonstrates your ability to analyze. Your wording must be paraphrased and your own original content. Do not use quotes; paraphrase instead with APA citations. Do not use any outside sources except the one journal you have selected.  Copied and pasted material will receive a zero.

Late assignments submitted one minute to 1 day of the due date will receive a 5% deduction.
Contact me if you have questions or need assistance with this assignment. Please ask for help in advance of the Saturday assignment due date.

Research assignment grading rubric: Research_Assignment_grading_rubric_2020.pdf

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