We can work on BUSI 690 Business Analyst Exercise The objective of this exercise is to develop

Business Analyst ExerciseThe objective of this exercise is to develop a workflow diagram and correspondingnarrative for a Sales Proposal Development Workflow using the followinginformation:1. your business is Jolly insurance, a health insurance company that provideshealth insurance to small and large employers.2. Your products include medical, drug and dental insurance with variousoptions for each type of product.3. Your client is Pink Construction a large business with 500 employees that haspurchased insurance with your company for the past five years and wants torenew its insurance coverage for the upcoming fiscal year.4. The following are inputs to the Sales Proposal Development Workflow:a. An Account Profile has been developed by the Jolly insurance sales repwho manages the Pink Construction account. The Account Profileprovides a summary of Pink Construction demographics, key decisionmakers, company objectives, requirements and needs.b. The Pink Construction Revenue and Cost Data for the prior three yearsare provided by the Underwriting department of Jolly insurance.c. A Market and Competitive Analysis of the health insurance industryand trends within Arizona is provided by the Jolly insurance Marketingdepartment.5. The main output of the Sales Proposal Development Workflow is theSales Proposal.6. The major processes and (responsible areas) of the Sales ProposalDevelopment Workflow are listed below in no particular order or sequenceof execution:a.Present Sales Proposal to Client (Account Management Team)b.Determine Pricing Objectives (Account Management Team) whichdefine the price points and options available to meet both the client’s andJolly Insurance’s financial objectivesc.Develop Overall Proposal Strategy (Account Management Team)which identifies the available product and pricing alternatives that meet theclient’s and Jolly Insurance’s needs given the market and competitive trendsd.Prepare for Client Presentation (Account Management Team)e.Develop Proposal Narrative (Sales Rep) which contains anexecutive summary, a description of products and options being offered, howthe offering meets the client’s needs, and how Jolly Insurance is the bestchoice for the clientf.Assemble and Review Proposal (Sales Rep)g.Confirm Products and Options with Client (Sales Rep), which is adiscussion of products and recommendations with the client to confirm theirpreferences and changes before a proposal is developed.h.Develop Pricing Worksheet (Underwriting) which contains theprices that the client will be changed for the products and options that theyselect for the upcoming year.Exercise:1. Develop a workflow diagram of the inputs, processes and outputs describedabove2. Write a brief narrative explaining your thought process in determining theworkflow process you created.3. Indicate any questions you would ask to better understand the process thatwould allow you to identify ways in which it could be improved.

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