We can work on Brand equity leveraging

Search on line to a store/site that carries a wide variety of products (e.g., grocery store; Wal-Mart/Target; home
improvement store, drug store). Find two examples of products using a brand leveraging strategy. For each of
these products separately, answer the following questions:

  1. Describe the product you selected: What is the brand? What is the product?
  2. What was the original product associated with the brand name?
  3. What specific type of brand leveraging strategy (four types were discussed) is being used? Explain why it is
    this one.
  4. Indicate whether you think it is an effective brand leveraging strategy (NOTE: don’t just describe if it is a
    product that you like or not or a “good” product). Explain/discuss why or why not – thoroughly justify/explain
    your answer using specific brand leveraging concepts from class e.g., fit, brand associations, brand schemas,
  5. Indicate whether there might be any negative effects associated with the use of this brand leveraging
    strategy specifically (again, answer specifically in terms of the specific brand leveraging strategy).
    Explain/discuss why or why not

Sample Solution

The possibility that the network affects the development of character is the way to Pythia Peay’s article “Soul Searching” and Winona LaDuke’s meeting. “The two creators who keep up the network introduced comparative perspectives and alternate points of view by living in the network and turning out to be individuals from the network and influencing individuals in the network. I experienced a month to month or yearly get-together, and they accounted for themselves as networks: the Network Summit Community, the TEDx Community, the SxSW Community and the New York Tech Party Community. I have asked myself as an examination network and as a member in a large number of these exercises: are these exercises really a network? What is the limit between ordinary social occasions/get-togethers/gatherings and the network? The greatest distinction is that the occasion is extremely useful for individuals to fabricate an individual 1: 1 relationship. There might be significantly more. Then again, the intensity of the network lies in aggregate character. We see ourselves as a gathering having a place with one gathering and we confide in one another over the normal level.Local people group ought to follow government laws and homegrown guidelines. However long they meet the prerequisites of these chances, everybody has equivalent open doors for an incredible duration. Individuals who are qualified and put forth a valiant effort for the network lead the network. Society depends on unrestrained choice, except if rules are watched and nobody is harmed. Rules and guidelines are intended to ensure individuals of the general public so as to manufacture a sheltered and amicable network. There are two fundamental kinds of network networks, networks characterized by topographically characterized networks and geologically various factors. Instances of geologically characterized networks are networks or local locations. The assembled houses share a typical space. Nearby economies and provincial organizations are likewise viewed as a feature of the neighboring network. Individuals from the network are invested individuals in network wellbeing, and I am keen on this What is a network? Parker characterizes the network as individuals who share a typical space or district, share a typical relationship, connect with one another, and are generally utilized in the writing (Fritz, 1985). The people group comprises of shared commitments and cooperations connecting people to foundations and relationship organizations. In most geological networks, there is a typical association and a pretty much free network. Schools, law implementation offices, and social government assistance offices are three instances of formal associations inside the network that are especially applicable for substance misuse. Guardians and understudy associations vary in structure, regular to most networks, and can assume a significant function in forestalling drug misuse. Local gatherings and individuals from the association cooperate to make, characterize, and take care of social issues by collaborating with each other. Declining Drug Abuse: Sociological Strategy for Community Social Practice W. David Watts South West Texas State University Techniques for network based sociological practice are talked about. With regards to social development of sensible speculations, the part of sociologists in helping networks comprehend social issues has been investigated. When the network acknowledges adolescents ‘substance misuse issues, the hypothesis of control and partners’ affiliation can lead sociologists who wish to work with nearby pioneers to battle drug misuse. Network association, reinforce the association among guardians and different gatherings, bring down the network’s capacity to bear drug misuse, assemble uphold for peer avoidance Declining Drug Abuse: Sociological Strategy for Community Social Practice W. 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