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Read, Kass, “Ageless Bodies, Happy Souls” and answer the following questions:

  1. How does Kass call into question the distinction between therapy and enhancement?
  2. What sorts of things stimulate “repugnance” in Kass’ account? Is Kass right to identify a sort of wisdom in this sort of repugnance?
  3. Why does Kass celebrate humility and modesty in the face of “givenness” of life and acceptance of our aging bodies?
  4. How convincing are each of these contentions made by deep ecologists: that our environmental problems are caused by our being too individualistic; that our environmental problems are caused by our reductionism; that our environmental problems are caused by our consumerism?

5.Do you think that it is morally permissible to use animals in experiments? If so, are there any conditions you would set on the experiments with regard to the type of animal used, the purpose of the experiments, or how to conduct the experiments?

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