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In this assignment, you will need to locate one health promotion event or a facility to visit in your community that is offered/located in a hospital or community facility and that is presented/supervised by registered nurses. Some examples are a blood pressure, stop smoking or memory clinic, a diabetes education program, a mindful eating class, or a cardiac rehabilitation facility. The event or visit should be one to two hours. Once selected be sure you receive approval that this is an appropriate event/visit to select.

Seek permission to attend the event or visit the facility. When there pay special attention to the role of the nurse in health promotion versus the nurse’s role in illness prevention. You will be writing a summary of this experience and will answer the following:

1 What event or facility did you visit?

2 What health promotion goals were being met?

3 What was the target client audience?

4 How do you think clients were responding to the information, education, services provided?

5 What role did the nurses play? Were they effective? If not, why?

6 What is the difference between nurses being responsible for illness prevention versus health promotion?

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