We can work on Article 9 Of The Constitution Of Singapore

Article 9 of the Constitution of Singapore states that:


An arrested person has the following rights guaranteed under the Constitution:


(1) to be deprived of his life or liberty only if according to law; 


(2) if the detention is unlawful, to apply to the High Court to secure release; 


(3) to be informed of the grounds of his arrest as soon as may be; 


(4) to be allowed to consult and be defended by a legal practitioner of his choice;


(5) if he is not released, he must without unreasonable delay and in any case within 48 hours (excluding the time for any necessary journey) be produced before a Magistrate who shall decide if he should be further detained.


List 3 examples of case laws in Singapore (one case for each particular right) or any existing Statutes (laws passed by Parliament) where it appears that such 3 rights were not guaranteed as stated in the Constitution. What (if any) recommendations would you make with regard to legal reform (i.e. making the law more just and fair)?

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