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  • Research: Observe mothers and fathers with their small children (minimum of three families, one hour observations for each ).  Note your observations and write a conclusion about the effect that parents have on the sex roles that their children internalize. Report your findings to the clasS

Students will inform class audience on background information; including statistics or statement of problem/research (this will depend on your project choice). Presenter will include a brief introduction, briefly synthesize theoretical approaches, research, and offer a diagnosis/explanation of their contemporary social condition. Presentation will conclude with the most important thing student learned from project and one possibility for hope and social action. See the Course Project Presentation Rubric for specifications on the 40 total points.

1.  Guidelines and Suggestions

Your presentation should follow an outline of your topic and should include the following:

  1. a brief introduction that provides the audience with a frame of reference (about 2- minute)
  2. a main body of the presentation: theoretical ideas, statistics, diagnosis (about 4- minutes)
  3. a strong conclusion that includes the most important take away and possibilities for hope (about 1-2 minutes)

Your goal is to engage the audience effectively and to get your message across. To do that, they need to be able to focus on the theoretical analysis and not be distracted from your message by graphics that are needlessly complex or difficult to decipher.  If you created an original art piece, you may take pictures of the piece to show general and close-up aspects. Students can opt to use a powerpoint to structure their presentations. Power point ideas and suggestions below are from the ASM’s “Meeting Site Instructions to Speakers”.

First, the graphics you project should be chosen carefully, to support the spoken word. Your slides should help to clarify your ideas, emphasize important points, show relationships, and to provide the visual information your audience needs to understand your message.

2.     The Outline

Your outline should be formatted as an outline (not an essay). It will be uploaded here on the day of your presentation. The outline should mirror the topic presentation and include the following:

  1. a brief introduction of topic that provides a frame of reference 
  2. a main body of the presentation: statistics, theoretical ideas, diagnosis 
  3. a strong conclusion that includes your most important take away and possibilities for hope and social action.

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