We can work on Applied Psychology in Talent Management.

This week’s topic has been the considerations and design of training and development programs. Draw upon your reflections of the readings and discussion this week as you apply the Beefsteak Case Study to this assignment.

For this assignment, you will assess methods of training and development such as presentation, hands-on, group building, or technology-based training program for the managers of Beefsteak. You will need to determine how Beefsteak, with its quick growth, will train managers as the company continues to expand. Include the essential elements for measuring training outcomes from Chapter 16 of the Applied Psychology in Talent Management textbook. Identify the key principles of instructional design to encourage learner participation. Distinguish between the outcomes of statistically significant effects from practically efficient effects and provide your rationale supported by the course materials and additional research.

Evaluate various methods of training and development outcomes.
Assess the methods of training and development.
Discuss the essential elements for measuring training outcomes.
Identify the key principles of instructional design to encourage learner participation.
Assess the outcomes of training, distinguishing between the outcomes of statistically significant effects from practically efficient effects.
The Implementation and Measurement of Outcomes With Beefsteak Case Study paper

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