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Date: 20 April 2022

Subject: Proposal to Write a White about Loss Prevention at Lowe’s Stores

Table of contents

Introduction 4

Proposed solution 4

Plan to Complete work 5

Budget to Complete Work 5

Budget to Complete the Work 6

Conclusion to Proposal 7


In this proposal, I am requesting approval for time to develop this project. Lowe’s store needs a cost-effective approach to reduce the theft of its stocks by shoplifters. This proposal is addressed to the company managers who are responsible for making operations decisions. This report includes the definition of the problem the company is facing, the proposed solutions, a plan for the completion of work, qualifications to complete the work, and the budget for the completion of work.

Proposed solution

The proposed solution is to train department employees in loss prevention. The training will help make the employees active players in loss prevention efforts. Lack of awareness amongst the employees is a leading factor in the losses. The training should equip the employees with the knowledge and skills on risk identification, working of security systems, and handling suspicious cases or confirmed cases of criminal activities within the premises. The employees can also be equipped with skills that will help them come up with strategies to reduce the risk of theft, establish a network of surveillance and awareness, and prevent theft while putting their safety first.

The proposed solution will benefit the company in two ways. The first is that it will help the company cut the losses emanating from theft. When the employees help improve security at the stores and curb the cases of theft through prevention, the company will stop losing thousands of dollars that it loses to shoplifters. Second, the company will save the money that it would have used to hire security professionals to achieve the same loss prevention. The company can grow its margin and make more profits with reduced costs.

Plan to Complete work

This document gives a vivid description of the security requirements of a proposed Home Owners Association software that will be used to manage various subdivisions across different states in the United States. This will be very helpful in identifying the associated security concerns through the entire lifecycle of the proposed HOAs software. Apart from security requirements, the document

touches on important requirements that the proposed software should meet.

Budget to Complete Work

The white paper on how to train the department employees for loss prevention will cover the following.

Cover page that will have the company logo and the strategic objective.Table of content that will enumerate all content covered in the paper.Introduction that will give the background of the company and statistics that show the magnitude of the problem.The main body of the white paper will provide details of a program to train the employees.

The program will include the following:

Topics covered in the trainingTraining schedulesLearning outcomes or competences

Qualification to Complete the Work

I have the required qualifications to complete the white paper. Over the curse, I have gained important insights and knowledge on white papers. I also have strong research skills that will come in handy while completing the white paper. This exercise will help grow my confidence in preparing reports and white papers, which is an important part of my career.

Budget to Complete the Work

Project TasksTime EstimateCost ($50/hr)Time to research the topic of competencies for employees to prevent loss30 hours$1500Time to draft the paper24 hours$1200Time to edit and revise the work5 hours$250Designing the paper8 hours$400Total time needed67 hours$3,350

Conclusion to Proposal

I am requesting approval to complete the proposed white paper. The white paper will help me to provide a solution to a company that is suffering huge losses to unmitigated theft. If approved, I can have a ready rough draft ready within two weeks of approval, pending the editing and designing of the paper for presentation.

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