We can work on Algorithm that optimizes the number of security screening

Review the information and create an algorithm that optimizes the number of security screening stations that must be open to serve passengers at the Colorado Springs Airport without exceeding a specified wait time threshold. Share your algorithm and prepare a response to each of the questions below.
• What is your understanding of the problem?
• What you are being tasked to solve?
• Explain your process for understanding the airport screening process, including the tasks you have identified as occurring sequentially and the tasks which can occur in parallel.
• How did you calculate the overall flow-time on a per-passenger basis?
• How will you ensure that the algorithm is meeting the three-hour rule for station open/close?
• How would you test your algorithm to ensure it is efficient and effective?
• What additional data (if any) would you request to help further optimize your algorithm?
• How would you redesign the system to be adaptive instead of deterministic?
• What are the advantages of doing so?

Sample Solution

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