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Choose one of the albums listed below and write an album review. The review consists of three parts:
Part 1: Do research into the Album. Who is the artist? What is the name of the album? What year was the
album recorded? What record label? Who was the producer? Who are the musicians i.e. personnel? Provide a track listing of the songs. Mention any chart position information [#1 Billboard etc.], you can restrict this information to the USA, UK and Canada where applicable. Having completed Assignment 1 & 2, this info should be easy to find. You can cite your source in the bibliography, not in-text. This part should be submitted in point form:
Artist: Tim Crofts
Album: The Lost Years
Year: 1981
Label: Panda Records
Producer: Phil Spector
Musicians: Tim Crofts [synth, vocals]
Joey George [drums]
Track Listing: 1. Do Your Homework

  1. Read the Instructions
  2. No Seriously
  3. I Mean It

Sample Solution

Sexual Health For People With Learning Disabilities This flyer is about individuals with learning incapacities and their sexual wellbeing. While there is extensive enactment worried about inability from the 1970 Social Services Act to the 1995 Disability Discrimination Act and past, it isn’t in every case clear that the requirements of this client gathering are being tended to in proper ways. This is on the grounds that there is an absence of investigation into how this client gathering live their lives and how they feel about existence and sexuality. Enactment and Anti-Oppressive Practice Under the provisions of the NHS and Community Care Act of 1990 social administrations have an obligation to make an appraisal of need to any individual in their general vicinity who may have need of their administrations. Concerning individuals with physical or learning inabilities the office additionally has an obligation to get some answers concerning such individuals in their general vicinity and to offer an appraisal of need regardless of whether that has not been mentioned. The social specialist must assess the 1998 Human Rights Act when managing anybody. It is illicit for social specialists to oppress individuals or upset their entrance to administrations on any premise. A social laborers should act to the greatest advantage of their customers, the administration clients, and participate in against prejudicial and hostile to severe practice. Against severe practice can include the social specialist endeavoring to take care over the manner by which he/she utilizes language. So as to completely participate in such practice a social specialist would need to take care that in managing administration clients who may experience issues in imparting their needs the social laborer does not wind up forcing their own plan on the administration client. With regards to individuals with learning inabilities here is a requirement for various models and levels of support contingent upon the administration client’s conditions. Cooperation engages some administration clients while others will most likely be unable to be really required at any unmistakable level without the intercession of a third individual – a backer. The office for emotional well-being MIND proposes that numerous individuals with learning or psychological well-being troubles ought to have a backer who is fair and who can educate them what is accessible as far as administrations and backing and who will advance their best advantages as administration clients. The individuals who can draw in with the procedure frequently proceed to advance the privileges of other administration clients. The administration client development has been a main thrust in the battle for individuals with emotional well-being issues or learning challenges’ qualification to live as normal a lifestyle as they can (Carr, 2004). Individuals with learning challenges may have various and complex needs, in any case under the 1998 Human Rights Act, they are qualified for be treated with respect and nearby experts have an obligation to submit to the prerequisites of this Act (Moore, 2002). By and by there are territories where the Act is now and again overlooked and this is most evident with regards to the sexual wellbeing of individuals with learning incapacities. Learning Disabilities and Sexual Health There has been next to no examination into the lives of individuals with learning incapacities. The first of its sort was an administration study of 2,898 individuals which was done between June 2003 and October 2004. The report managed individuals with learning handicaps (to what degree they were realizing incapacitated isn’t constantly characterized) between the ages of 16 and 91. The report found the accompanying: 45% of the general population met were younger than 30 6% were from minority ethnic networks. 92% surprisingly with learning challenges who partook in the investigation were single and 7% of these had youngsters yet just a large portion of that number took care of their kids themselves. 7% either lived alone or with an accomplice. There is a considerably more noteworthy shortage of data with regards to the sexual soundness of individuals with learning troubles. Truth be told media reports propose that numerous individuals with taking in troubles are effectively disheartened from taking part in what a great many people see as a solid sexual coexistence. There have even been cases where relatives have attempted to have young ladies with learning handicaps disinfected so they couldn’t bear kids. A (2006) report from the University of Ulster Out of the Shadows, found that the sexual soundness of individuals with learning handicaps was very frequently disregarded. This is on the grounds that relatives and experts would prefer not to recognize that this client gathering has such needs. The report found that: Individuals with learning incapacities need to have connections and express feelings of trepidation of being forlorn. Be that as it may, the vibe over-ensured by experts and family carers. Thusly there are not many chances to create connections and meet new individuals. Some family carers need their youngster to have indistinguishable rights from every other person. Be that as it may, they feel humiliated to discuss sex with their youngsters and are worried for their wellbeing. Feeling unsupported and disengaged prevents them from bringing these issues up in the home. Experts and bleeding edge staff know that the issues around sex and sexuality are not being tended to. Anyway they are repressed by being under resourced, under prepared, and now and again confined by an absence of clear rules and strategies to help them (http://news.ulster.ac.uk/discharges/2006/2892.html). Obviously inadequate consideration is being paid to what this gathering of administration clients really need. Individuals are humiliated by the way that individuals with learning challenges may have similar expectations, fears, and desires as every other person. Obviously there is a requirement for more research and for training so a more prominent comprehension of individuals with learning incapacities and their needs is really met. Additional data on individuals with learning incapacities and their needs can be found at the accompanying sites: http://www.lancaster.ac.uk/fass/ihr/index.htm site worried about the incorporation of grown-ups and youngsters with learning inabilities in all everyday issues. http://www.inspiredservices.org.uk/site about network living, when it might be vital and how it is intended to enable individuals. http://www.ndt.org.uk/site that crusades for incorporation of individuals with learning inabilities at all degrees of normal life http://www.dh.gov.uk/en/Publicationsandstatistics/Surveys/Othersurveys/Generalsurveys/DH_4081207.Government review Senior Abuse The office called Age Concern is worried that the privileges of more established individuals frequently get neglected. This is especially the situation where the individual is either unfit or reluctant to represent themselves. In this manner Age Concern keeps up that more established individuals need advocates (an unengaged outsider) to put their situation when the privileges of a more seasoned individual are being disregarded or ignored. Since the distribution of the National Service Framework for Older People in 2000 there has been a mandate for more support with regards to tending to the requirements of more established individuals and this move has been invited by Age Concern. Support is tied in with securing the privileges of individuals as people and ensuring that their desires are considered when choices are being made that influence what may befall them. Support consequently, is intended to engage those individuals who may have minimal power in the public arena. There are the individuals who keep up that there ought to be master backing with respect to the issues of age. Administration client support includes rights and duties in the interest of both the administration client and a specialist organization. With regards to more seasoned individuals who might be confounded about what’s going on, or who will not end up associated with the procedure then a meaning of rights and duties is hazardous on the grounds that without equivalent collaboration it is hard to discover a method for guaranteeing that these are satisfied. In any event it must be recognized that everybody has the privilege to be shielded from maltreatment and to be treated with deference. The point of good backing is to guarantee that more seasoned individuals know that the nearby expert has an obligation of consideration with respect to their needs. Backers additionally attempt to guarantee that more seasoned individuals have a comprehension of what to request and what’s in store with regards to help and administrations. At the point when this is conceivable it empowers more established individuals to practice their rights as residents, be that as it may, some older individuals may have no clue what is happening and might be befuddled by the entire procedure. In cases like this a supporter would take a gander at the more established individual’s conditions and needs, just as tuning in to the carer’s info, and would then advance a case for their consideration and request an evaluation. This isn’t, notwithstanding, an assurance that the individual will get private consideration, anyway much a family may need it. A social laborer would tune in to what the family and maybe the backer needed to state and would then ask what arrangements were as of now set up, regardless of whether these were given by social administrations or by the family. When they had evaluated the circumstance the data would be given to a consideration director who might choose what could be offered (Moore, 2002). Now and again this would be private consideration. As individuals develop more established they can create fears that they didn’t have previously. Numerous more established individuals, for instance, are reluctant to leave their homes because of a paranoid fear of being assaulted, and quantities of them are likewise terrified of being assaulted in their very own home. In any case, figures from the British Crime Survey 2001, will in general recommend that the probability of being a casualty of wrongdoing diminishes with age. In spite of this, numerous older individuals live in dread of being burgled or assaulted in their homes by an outsider. However the figures bolster the possibility that this dread is to a great extent unwarranted the robbery figures for 2001 yield the accompanying data: In 1000 family units of individuals matured somewhere in the range of 16 and 24 17.6% had been burgled In 1000 family units with inhabitants of 75 and over just 2% were burgled >

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