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Identify the site and situation of Los Angeles and explain how these related to its development.

Cities have grown together in and around the Los Angeles Basin, San Francisco Bay Area, and the San Diego/Tijuana area, creating three expansive urban giants in California. Los Angeles is America’s 2nd largest city, and is the West Coast’s largest economy. 1846 brought the Mexican American War, and after 2 years, the state of California was annexed by the United States. Shortly after began the gold rush, the hordes of people depended on beef and food from the Los Angeles areas ranches and farms. In 1881, the Southern Pacific Railroad completed its expansion into LA. This connected the city with the rest of the state. Then came Oil and the silver screen, and the ever growing population of Hollywood California or ‘Tinseltown’. Since then the city has stayed strong, even through World War II devastation, the famous Zoot Suit, Watts and Rodney King Riots, and even the high numbers of natural disasters such as Earthquakes and Fires.

Rediscovering the Golden State, William A Selby Pages 470-500

Los Angeles; 2019

https://www.history.com/topics/us-states/los-angeles-california (Links to an external site.)

Describe the unique development of San Francisco and its culture.

San Francisco is home to one of the world’s largest natural harbors. Before the United States conquered it in 1846, it was originally a spanish mission. Not long after, in 1848, there came the discovery of gold, bringing the gold rush. This heavy migration of people to the area made San Francisco a booming metropolis.These “Forty Niners” brought the population from 1,000 to 25,00 in just a year’s time. Despite the great earthquake and fire of 1906 that all but demolished the whole city, San Francisco did not hesitate to reconstruct and continue on into the 20th century as the Californias hub of military power, wealth, culture and technology. In 1863 came the construction of the Central Pacific Railroad and thousands of people, including chinese laborers, which was the foundation to what we now know as China Town, and the largest Chinese settlement outside of Asia. In 1887 came the construction of the famous Golden Gate Park. In the 1930’s came the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge. San Francisco quickly turned into a center for cultural expansion. Artists like Mark Twain were drawn to its beauty, 1950’s beat poetry was born, it was the iconic spot for Height and Ashberrys famous 1967 ‘Summer of Love”, and in the 80’s it became the standing ground for the LBGT and Women’s Rights movements.

Rediscovering the Golden State, William A Selby pages 522-524

San Francisco; 2018

https://www.history.com/topics/us-states/san-francisco (Links to an external site.)

Describe the coastal geomorphology of southern California. Is it the same everywhere? Where and how does it differ?

There are many factors that help shape the geomorphology of California’s southern coast, both naturally occurring and also with the help of human intervention. For instance, most of the islands off of Southern California’s Newport Bay are composed of sediment from the bay floor that was dredged up to make boat passages, whereas the Newport Bay estuary, cutting through the higher elevated Costa Mesa block, was formed by the now diverted Santa Ana River. Down south is the San Diego Bay, which is the only large natural bay south of San Francisco. This is one reason why San Diego Bay is home to one of the nations top Naval bases and swarming with military presence. Unfortunately a growing population in the area threatens to further impact its beautiful coastal landscapes filled with lagoons and estuaries. This also sets aside the Southern California Coast from the rest of California’s shoreline, being that it is lower in elevation and thus has more of these beautiful landscapes as compared to the cliffs and ridges further up north.

Rediscovering the Golden State, William A Selby Pages 524-525

Lilies of the valley: The Coast Ranges; Marilyn Cannon, 2002

http://web.sonoma.edu/users/c/cannon/bio314chapter7coastranges.html#:~:text=The%20northern%20Coast%20Ranges%20are,rivers%20of%20the%20Coast%20Ranges (Links to an external site.).

Explain why the freeway network is necessary for connecting people throughout the Los Angeles Metropolitan area.

If you were to look at an aerial view of Los Angeles, the freeways would look to be part of the city’s landscape. Although they began as just an experiment by traffic engineers, they now hold great significance to the area. They delegate boundary lines and threaten to cripple regional transportation when closed. In 1933, engineer Lloyd Aldrich took over the city’s Bureau of Engineering. Aldrich and his staff looked to other cities’ transportation initiatives such as Detroit, New York, and Chicago for guidance. The Automobile club of Southern California, now known as AAA, was founded in 1900 in Los Angeles and was one of the first motor clubs of America. Their aim was to improve overall driving conditions. In 1937 their famous Traffic Survey recommended an extensive system, designed for motor vehicles only, called motorways. In 1940 LA’s 1st freeway, the Arroyo Seco Parkway, was built. This was the beginning of a new era in motor travel for California. In 1947, California passed the Collier-Burns Highway Act. The legislation introduced a 1.5 cent statewide fuel tax for new highway construction, ushering in the era of massive freeway construction and permanently altering the Southern California landscape. The importance and advantages of today’s freeway systems include fast and efficient routes of travel that connect you to every part of the region, and increased safety due to one way traffic, limited on ramps and many other safety features.

Rediscovering the Golden State, William A Selby pages 474-498

LA’s first freeways:

https://www.kcet.org/shows/lost-la/l-a-s-first-freeways (Links to an external site.)

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