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Ageism – prejudice or discrimination on the basis of a person’s age.

Research has indicated that ageism is quite prevalent in today’s society (Palmore, 2001), possibly even more prevalent than sexism and racism (Banaji, 1999), although it is typically much more difficult to detect (Levy & Banaji, 2002).

This week you will search the Internet and locate at least one example of negative stereotyping of older adults online. Examples can be reflected in advertising, social media, online news articles, cartoons, etc. Once you have located your specific example(s). You will introduce what you found to the rest of the class, exploring why you believe your example was ageist.

Be sure to include an upload of your example image and/or link(s) to your example(s).

*Remember, your original post should be 200 words total minimum

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