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“In the twelfth year of his reign, to regulate foreign trade, Song Emperor Taizu [972 c. e.] decided to appoint a superintendent of maritime trade in the southern port city of Guangzhou, and afterward other superintendents in the ports of Hangzhou and Mingzhou as well. The emperor then appointed another superintendent to oversee the activities of all Arab, Sumatran, Javanese, Bornean, Philippine, and mainland Southeast Asian barbarians whose trade passed through China. These maritime merchants, both Chinese and barbarian, would usually take from China the following goods: gold, silver, strings of coins, lead, tin, many-colored silk, and porcelain. They would usually bring into China spices and aromatics, rhinoceros horn, ivory, coral, embers, pearls, fine steel, sea-turtle leather, tortoise shell, gemstones, foreign cloth, ebony wood, and other such things”

    History of the Song, official history of the Song dynasty, commissioned by the Mongol Chief         Minister of Emperor Shundi of the Yan (Mongol) dynasty, 1345

In your response, be sure to address all parts of the question. Use complete sentences; an outline or bulleted list alone is NOT acceptable

Use the passage to answer all parts of the question that follows.

a) Identify ONE claim made in the passage about the policies of the Chinese rulers.

b) Identify ONE way the passage illustrates the economic development of China under the Song dynasty.

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Retribution in Hamlet and The Revenger’s Tragedy In this investigation of retribution and vengeance of Elizabeth ‘s retribution, the two plays I see are the “Hamlet” of William Shakespeare and “The Tragedy of Avengers” of Thomas Middleton. After first observing the treatment of the writer ‘s Avengers’ character, different characters in the play will deal with the Avengers. Despite the fact that their fundamental topic and shows are comparative, the two plays show a differentiating picture of retribution; as opposed to “Justice fighter’s misfortune”, Hamlet is an increasingly complex of his hero Provide treatment constrained by the creator’s social data and lacking Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” shows the overall components found in the awfulness of the vengeance of the renaissance (“misfortune of retribution”). Be that as it may, despite the fact that Hamlet is a misfortune of vengeance, Shakespeare entangles the fundamental retribution plot by making three retribution plots. By including significant developments, Shakespeare makes ‘Ship of the Concentric Revenge Miwa’ (Frye 90) which is definitely not a physical legend yet a phantom, not an apparition, yet a scholarly saint who is an issue. did. viewpoint Misfortune of retribution of Hamlet Shakespeare’s misfortune dramatization “Hamlet” is for the most part viewed as a misfortune of vengeance by artistic pundits. This article is proposed to clarify how Hamlet satisfies the requests of misfortune. In this reality that Hamlet about totally demonstrates that it is the awfulness of vengeance, this dramatization relates to the outflow of the “run of the mill” retribution misfortune of the Elizabethan time. Felice Abrams and Alan Brody invigorated us a progressively predictable consistency in “misfortune equation of Hamlet and Elizabeth’s retribution”: Hamlet’s demise remembers 10 passings for Hamlet There is “imaginary” Hamlet and vengeance are hopeless organizations attempting retribution and those looking for retribution (Hamlet) in the long run face passing after the wrongdoing. History of misfortune of retribution Prosser’s view on Hamlet’s retribution “Legends are encouraged to fight back, as most misfortunes of retaliation, casualties or wrongdoings are straightforwardly identified with the hero” (Prosser) notwithstanding Hamlet There is likewise a play of Shakespeare. The impacts of the awfulness of vengeance incorporate Julius Caesar, Macbeth and Andronis. In Shakespeare ‘s paper by Shakespeare, Shakespeare centers around retribution and builds up the idea of death in the play. What is the awfulness of the retribution of the Elizabethan period? This is a misfortune, its thought process is retribution, and its primary plot incorporates the procedure of counter. The awfulness of vengeance in the end prompted the passing of the killer and the Avengers himself. In misfortune of retribution, we need three letters.>

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