We can work on A policy about reducing fossil fuel use in a US state

Research a policy about reducing fossil fuel use in a US state or commonwealth, municipality, or region of your choosing. Choose one that was not covered in the lesson. For example, in the lesson we talked about Governor Newson’s initiatives to limit gas-fueled cars or reduce fossil fuel use. Make sure you look through the lesson – you cannot choose one we already covered. You may want to choose an area you are familiar with – you have lived there or have family there. Or you may choose a place you want to visit. Think about places outside of California – that way we get the greatest diversity of responses.
State the policy and explain it. Give your opinion. What non-renewable resources does it target? How does it propose reducing them? Why this resource? What is the timeline for reduction? Why this particular resource? Be detailed and thorough so we can understand it.
Analyze the policy. Knowing what you know about environmental problems, will this policy be effective? Or is it just a first step? Is it aggressive enough? What do you think about the approach? Is it likely to work or not? These are examples of questions to answer when you analyze the policy.

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