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  1. What is a non-essential amino acid? How many non-essential amino acids are known? List the ten (10) non-essential amino acids? Why are these amino acids called non-essential?
  2. What is an essential amino acid? How many essential amino acids are known? List the ten (10) essential amino acids? Why are these amino acids called essential?
  3. Describe in no more than two (2) sentences how proteins are formed from amino acids.
  4. What are chemical bonds found in proteins called?
  5. List five (5) uses of amino acids and proteins in the body.

Define the following terms:

  1. High-quality protein
  2. Low-quality protein
  3. Limiting amino acid
  4. Complementary proteins
  5. List five (5) contributors of protein to the US diet
  6. List three (3) functions of protein in the body
  7. What is the RDA protein requirement for a average healthy person?
  8. Define the terms:
  9. Vegan
  10. Fruitarian
  11. Lactovegetarian
  12. Lactoovovegetarian
  13. What is PKU? What causes this condition and how is it managed?

Sample Solution

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