ways in which contemporary artists explore political themes through their work

Discuss the ways in which contemporary artists explore political themes through their work. Focus on 2 or 3 artists in your answer.
Research Essay
Students are required to research and write an essay of 1,500 words based on one of the questions listed below. Alternatively the student can formulate their own question in consultation with the lecturer. It must follow university style standards as outlined on the ACU website that accords with standard academic style regarding references, bibliography, etc. This will be on the library site under Referencing and the Chicago style either in-text OR footnotes. You must include a Bibliography of texts used in your essay – there must be direct evidence of use either in ideas or quotes etc. The bibliography should show that you have attempted to cover the scope of the literature associated with your research field.
The topic must be different to your Class Paper. The word length is exclusive of footnotes and a bibliography, which should accompany the essay. This bibliography should list each of the references that were consulted by you during the formulation of the essay.
It should be remembered that the assessment task is a Research Essay. A brief bibliography for each area of the course is provided with this course information. However, it is expected that your essay will use sources beyond those listed in this bibliography. Since a lot of the material that you will require for a contemporary course such as this will be found in journals, you should allow time for the location of articles using many of the specialised databases that are available -good research does not mean a search of Google and wikipedia.Not used any internet source.
Assessment criteria: Evidence of understanding the key issues raised in the question(Importance)
Developing a persuasive argument in response to the question(Importance)

Breadth and depth of research and evidence of critical reading. No generic websites, evidence of a range of sources other than web-based. At least 2 library based books to be consulted and overall no less than 5 sources should be evident.(Importance)

Evidence of research in the essay.(Importance)

Ability to critique visual imagery and evidence of the social, historical and theoretical context in which visual art emerges.(Importance) Link the Artwork to question and critique.

Use of appropriate use of language, referencing and other scholarly apparatus


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